Year of the Sheep

Year 2015 is off to a running start. First up is the Evening of Duets presentation by Melissa Chisena at the Community Education Center. I proposed this work to Jennifer Yackel, who I had seen perform in the past at CHIMac’s Inhale Series. Over the course of two months, a language was developed to inform sound and movement based in improvisation.

Next on the docket is the 2015 E|MERGE Residency once again. This time I am directing a project to workshop sound concepts for currently-running existing project work, with the intent to present in concert at the end of the residency. I will be collaborating with various artists who incorporate sound into their practices, using the concept of Janus as a point of departure.

Kun-Yang Lin’s HOME / S. 9th St. is the latest premiere work from KYL/D exploring the Italian Market as a locus for immigration and the changing demograpgic face of that area as a metaphor for the concept of “home”. This work is steering toward a blend of traditional scoring, music production, and theatrical sound design. There is a lot of book, both from the dancers as well as recorded interviews with local community members talking about their experiences and views of immigration.

Krista DeNio’s Echo Suitcase Theater continues to carry the torch addressing social issues at the forefront of contemporary society. I will be doing another sound design installment for the CONTACT Project.

Also in the mix is a new project by Chinese master puppet and calligraphy artist Hua Hua Zhang. Her new project “Dream of Land” explores the human ego, relationships, and relations to the world-at-large through sculpture, movement, and sound. This project will be ongoing into 2016, with presentations along the way, so stay tuned!

Mare Heironimus, a vital collaborator for the Oracle Project, is investigating the five Elements through research, movement, sound, video, and presentation. I will be doing the sound production for this project as well.

Oh, and the Abington Symphony Orchestra…. there’s always that too!

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