My sound work focuses on contextually- and collaboratively-driven sound design and composition, seeking to tell stories and provide experiences through the medium of sound. I use both acoustic and electronic means, in the traditions of classical and American music styles, as well as modern sound concepts, to create a tonal, rhythmic, and atmospheric hybrid. The following is a partial representation of ongoing and past collaborations:

Echo Theater Suitcase, conceived and directed by Krista Denio, is a contemporary performance training and development model, bringing together mixed ensembles of veterans of war and military service with non-veteran civilians to co-create site-specific, audience-interactive performance installations.

Little Red, written for In The Clearing by Birds On A Wire Dance Theater. Fairy tales and forests were the theme for the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival premiere.

Birth, written for Dream of Land by Hua Hua Zhang. This was the beginning of the journey, the birth of the Ego. Dream of Land was presented in-the-round at the Asian Arts Initiative in March 2016.

Congress (excerpt), written for Kun-Yang Lin for the HOME/S 9th St. project. From the intensely personal to the universal experiences of all who call a new place home, in this multilayered, multi-textured performance, Kun Yang Lin and his dancers use their bodies to tell layered and personal stories of immigration and displacement.

Antlered Earth, written for Maré Heironimus for the Djerassi Residency. Antlered Earth is an ongoing project based on pictorial journeys through landscape and self. The work is based in movement, sound, field recording, video, and photography. Vocals by Maré Heironimus.

Tara, written for Kun-Yang Lin for his collaboration with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company, Denver CO. Using whispered Tibetan prayer chants to the goddess Tara, this piece resolves to represent the oneness in all of us.

Requiem for Henrietta, written for keila cordova dances Fringe Festival production of As Pretty Does. This was written in memory of Henrietta Lacks, who is physically incorporated into humanity and will remain immortal as long as humanity survives.

Cell Phone Ballet, written for Bootless Stageworks’ production of Dead Man’s Cell Phone. The ballet is a pivotal point in the story, and the sound uses a montage of cell phone clips with instrumentation to place Jean in a netherworld as she discovers more about Gordon’s life.

Kinesthete, written for the 2012 MIXED DRINKS program, curated by Point of Departure at the Christ Church Neighborhood House in Philadelphia. Dangerous & Movin’ Dance Company and Jenn Rose set choreography to this two-minute piece, and only had 24 hours to do it.

Properties of Reflection, written for keila cordova dances Agnes Falling, 2011 Philadelphia Fringe festival premiere.

The Writer and His Brother is the accompaniment to the narrative story in Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman. Katurian tells the story of discovering the source of the horrific sounds he has heard through his bedroom wall for years.

Sonora for Acoustic and Electric Instruments is about man’s use of natural materials, as he rearranges them to ultimately re-create natural forms. Written for a conceptual dance film as part of the Walnut Lane Bridge Project.

Sonora’s Outro credit roll for Walnut Lane Bridge Project film.

The Path of Icarus, a hybrid tone poem, the story of Icarus. Written for Vada Dance Collective’s Fringe Festival 2010.

Istanbul’s As Far As You Can Go represents the journey of passing from one state-of-being to the next. Written for Vada Dance Collective’s Fringe Festival 2009.