The sun rises on us all.

This year’s ornament was a particularly inspired one, as I drew much from the past year and wanted to express a theme that reflected the experiences. Earthdance’s E|MERGE, Krista DeNio’s Edith and Me, the CultureWorks Coworking experience, just at its infancy, Mixed Drinks, another busy Fringe Festival with keila cordova dances and a Kate Galvin production, and in particular, the collaboration with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, again and again the theme of community weaves its way into life. The sun rises on us all, and each day an opportunity to think differently, think better.

The ornament this year, graphically-speaking, was inspired by NASA imagery, Felix Baumgartner, Philippe Petit, and Stevie Washington the Angry Youth. It is the fourth in the series of ‘mass-produced’ ornaments. Each individual ornament was once part of a larger whole, and subsequently cut down into parts. There are 36 in this series. I wish I had more to give away, but the mass production is a learning process and unique for each edition.┬áThe substrate is Home Depot pine yardstick double-dipped in gesso and hung dry. The painting is watercolor and gouache.

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