Post-Fringe Update

Fringe Festival 2011 was a very busy time, providing material for three different shows.

First on the docket was Subtle Manipulation, a spoken word and music improvisation project with Michael Subvert. The Five Minute Follies featured the premiere of this project, and it was well and warmly received. Stay tuned in 2012 for Crazy (The Truth Unscripted), where I will accompany Michael Subvert as he takes you to the darkest and brightest of places on a personal journey about life, death, and all the things that can happen along the way.

Second was providing live music for Vada Dance Collective’s 2011 Fringe show Pattern Recognition. Vada’s Katie Kasari also presented new choreography for The Path of Icarus (performed by Crista Campbell, Krista Armbruster, and Lindsay Murray), which premiered at the 2010 Fringe Festival.  The choreography was beautiful and well-executed, and, as always, it was a real pleasure to perform for Vada’s audience for my fourth Festival in collaboration. The show’s thoughtful, dynamic-yet-contemplative choreography (which also featured New Street Dance Group and Francesca Marinaro) was a fitting and emotionally appropriate backdrop to the somber 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Last, but certainly not least, was Agnes Falling by keila cordova dances. This modern-day fable told the story of a woman who becomes trapped by inescapable routine, and her journey to break free from the cycle. The soundtrack included seven different musical pieces as well as narration (performed and recorded by my aunt, Judith Neale). This was my first collaboration with Keila Cordova, and it was a real pleasure to be involved in her artistic process and participate in the development of this piece with the company (Kate Abernethy, Sean Rosswell, Kathy Kerner, Melissa Rodis, Heather Cole, and Fatima Adamu).

I can only hope to have such a great Festival next year!

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