News Update

– Work has begun in earnest for Kun-Yang Lin / Dancers Beyond the Bones at the Painted Bride, the last weekend in March. If you plan to go, get tickets this minute as previous engagements have sold out. I will be sound design consultant of the show, providing transitional elements, and shaping the existing sound track to fit the needs of the company, driven by Kun-Yang’s vision. If you ever found yourself questioning the validity of dance as an art form, this will put all doubts to rest.

Dead Man’s Cellphone had standing room only crowds for my third project providing sound in a Bootless Arts production. The highlight, for me, was the Cell Phone Ballet, which intertwined urban sound, pomp and circumstance, and randomly recorded indiscernible cell phone conversation bits. A special thanks to Roseanne and Jim at Bootless for keeping me in the loop there, and giving me the platform, as well as the freedom, to narrate through sound.

Proof is going on tour! If you live near a hosting theater, go! You’ll be glad you went. The run at Walnut Street Theater sold out. I will be providing sound design for those shows as well, and theater sizes will often be in the several hundred to one-thousand seat count range.

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